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Waterland Management Ltd

Environmentally Friendly Aquatic Weed Control Expertise

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Aquatic Weed Management Tools

We have a range of solutions to manage aquatic weeds and algae, see below for how they work



The Aquatic adjuvant

TopFilm was the first adjuvant to be fully approved fo use in or near water.  It is composed of microcrystalline sponges that absorb the pesticide and stick it to the target weed leaf.  It works by preventing wash off and enhancing uptake of pesticides

Ultrasound for Algae Control

Sustainable Ecological Management

We have been working with ultrasound systems to control algae since 2002 and have experience of all the currently available systems.  We understand how it works and can recommend the best system for your application.  We have made significant advances in self-cleaning transducers, requiring less maintenance, development of stand-alone solar and wind powered 24V systems.  Our systems have an effective range of 100 to 1000m.  The picture shows sonoluminescence created by our transducers.

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What We Do...

Aquatic Weeds Controlled.

Waterland Management was established in 1986 and has been offering a full range of aquatic weed control options since then.  We have experience of weed control research, we developed barley straw and ultrasound as a weed control method and we offer the latest developments in bacterial management of algae and duckweeds.  We offer non-chemical  management systems that allow the habitat to be self sustaining

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