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Why Aeration is important:


The main source of nutrients in lakes comes from the sediment in the lake.  Controlling where the nutrients end up is very important in controlling nuisance algal blooms; creating a healthy sediment microbial flora; and managing organic sediment decomposition rates.  A well oxygenated sediment surface will always produce a healthy lake ecosystem.  


Increasing the oxygen concentration at the sediment surface layer by forced aeration prevents phosphate dissolving in to the water, making it less available for algal growth.  Aeration also reduces the release of ammonium from the sediment and again limits the availability of nitrogen to algae.  Rooted plants, which you need for a healthy ecosystem also benefit as nutrients in the sediment are still available for uptake by roots and healthy growth.


In winter, deep lakes tend to stratify, with the bottom layer becoming anaerobic and nutrient rich.  When this turns over in the spring, all the nutrients released form the sediment become available for algal growth.  By aerating in winter when the layers form you can prevent nutrient enrichment in the spring and prevent algal blooms – it really is as simple as that!


In fisheries, ice cover can cause problems in winter, but a windmill aerator will keep areas of the surface free of ice cover, allowing fish to breathe and be fed.


We offer two sizes of diaphragm pump (single or double) on three heights of tower (16, 20 and 24 feet).  The higher the tower, the faster the average wind speed and the greater the aeration rate.  The smallest system will aerate up to 3 acres of lake at 20 foot deep with 1.5 cubic feet per minute of air, while the tallest system will aerate up to 6 acres of lake up to 33 feet deep with 3.5 cft of air per minute.  


There is no maximum wind speed for the windmills, there are only three moving parts, maintenance is very simple (service kits available) and they come either in galvanised shiny steel or powder coated in a colour of your choice (we recommend invisible green)


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