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Nutrient Limitation

Most aquatic plants need nutrients from the surrounding water or from the sediment in which they are rooted to be able to grow and reproduce. If you take away the nutrient supply the algae die very quickly.


We supply products designed to reduce nutrient availability for algae by locking it up in bacterial biomass instead.  This prevents  nutrients becoming available for algae, reducing their growth and clearing waterbodies.  Please contact us for details of which product is most suitable for your requirements


There are a number of factors to take into account when using this type of product:


  • Nutrient management techniques work best in static systems, with little or no flow through

  • Nutrient management systems work best when applied early in the season, starting no later than March or very early April

  • Nutrient management techniques need to be applied throughout the growing season to provide continuous control  


For reasonably sized ponds, Lake Pak is a water soluble sachet  product applied at the rate of 6 sachets per acre foot of water, that is for every acre of water a foot deep you need 6 sachets, so for water three foot deep you need 18 sachets per acre.  The pack size is 24 sachets.


LakePak MSDS

Lake Pak technical details


Lavaris Lake also offer a range of products for the smaller pond