Aquatic Weed Control:



Pond Construction

Pond Maintenance

Windmill aerators



Barley Straw


TopFilm adjuvant

Weed Cutting

and Dyes


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Aquatic Weeds Controlled

Case Studies


Contact us for information on our ultrasound systems, we can treat up to 50 hectares with one unit!


Ultrasonic Algae Control

Projects we have been involved in over the last 13 years


Hiltruper See, Germany

Private Estate, Norfolk

Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake

Klener Wentowsee, Germany

Jrone Meerke, Germany

Wolfsburg, Germany

Cleethorpes Boating Lake

Willen lake, Milton Keynes

Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes

Power Station Cooling Towers

Whipsnade Zoo Sealion enclosure

Canal and River Trust

South East Water

Wessex Water

United Utilities


Project name and description