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How To Make Straw Sausages:  A full colour step by step instruction on how to make straw sausages


Research undertaken by Dr Jonathan Newman at the Centre for Aquatic Plant Management showed that decomposing barley straw controls algae by the slow release and generation of hydrogen peroxide.  This is the accepted mode of action for all products containing straw as a result of an intervention at the European Commission which threatened to ban the use of straw in water for algal control.  


Barley straw controls algae, stimulates aerobic decomposition of sediments, encourages sedminet flocculation and improves water calrity, promotes nutrient recycling through invertebrates and fish, stimulates fish production, stabilises oxygen levels, removes toxins from water, promotes bacterial activity in sediments and best of all, it always works!


The full text of how straw should be applied and how it works is available to download as an Adobe Acrobat file from here:


Control of Algae using Barley Straw  (pdf)


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