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In additon, Waterland Management are the sole European importer of TopFilm, a unique sticker that was the first adjuvant approved for use in water in Europe.  


We conduct experiments to improve aquatic weed control techniques and we talk to UK and European regulators to proetect the tools we have developed over a twenty five year research program.


Waterland Management provides customised solutions for all aquatic weed problems in and outof the water, all based on sound science and tested to ensure  complete control.

We aim to provide  the most cost effective solutions to aquatic weed problems.  In order to do this we have formed associations with other specialist companies in the area to provide comprehensive solutions.   We can offer pond and lake  management, floating reed rafts for nutrient reduction, wetland creation and management  herbicide application to control emergent weeds, dye aplication to control submerged weed and various nutrient management systems for algal control.

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Waterland Management specialises in delivery of effective  aquatic and riparian  weed control techniques.


The company is owned and managed by Dr Jonathan Newman who has worked for the UK Government Research Councils since 1991 on aquatic weed  control techniques.  He pioneered the use of barley straw to control algae in the 1990s with Pip Barrett, the former head of the Aquatic Weeds Research Unit.  He holds a PhD in carbon assimilation in aquatic plants from the University of Dundee






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